Cyclist's paradise Holland

Discover the soul of the Netherlands by boat & bike

For bicycle fans we offer a surprising combination of physical activity and mental relaxation: By bike and barge you discover Holland in an unique, active way. After a gentle boat trip of about 3 hours you can enjoy a guided cycle tour at the leisurely pace and adsorb the natural beauty of the countryside and towns & villages. This combination of barge and bicycle tours makes our holidays so special!
The flat country with its dense cycle path network, well-maintained, clean and safely separated from busy road, is ideal for extensive cycle trips. Accompanied by a cycling guide you experience relaxed cycle trips of around 35 km per day. On the saddle of your bike you go through wide polders, on dikes and through extensive region of sand dunes towards the North Sea. Admire sleepy villages and picturesque towns with their sights on the way.
Of course there will be some breaks for a cup of coffee or taking pictures.
Ambitious cyclists can take a longer route than the group or can cycle individually if they want. Ask our cycling guide for the best route. On board we have good cycle maps suitable for individual cycling.

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