City trips through historic Holland

There is a lot of history and culture to be enjoyed

In Holland nearly every town and many interesting attractions are easily accessible by boat. In addition, we can usually moor with our relatively small ship in the city center or nearby. During our round trip cruises many Old Dutch cities, towns and villages with a historic centre and monuments invite us to visit. Here the past revives! A lot of monuments and buildings are at least 300 years old. Amsterdam has one of the largest historic city centres of the world.
Find yourself suddenly back in the 17th century's 'Golden Age'! Explore the enchanting Delft with its world famous Delft Blue, the old university city Leiden, Gouda with its fabulous Gothic Town Hall, the romantic city of Haarlem with the St. Bavo's Cathedral on the main square or the dreamy canals of Amsterdam where beautiful gables are reflected in their water.
Sightseeing with or without a guide, a cruise along the famous Amsterdam canals, a visit to a museum - There is enough to choose from!

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